Sensibo Sky White, Sensibo Sky Grey



How it works

Sensibo is a small but powerful device that can control any heat pump, air conditioner, electric heater, or dehumidifier that uses a wireless infrared remote control. It works with mini split A/C, portable A/C, window A/C, and central A/C units. You can check your devices compatibility here.

You can use Priicer to control your heat pump or A/C system based on the real-time price of electricity. You can either set a fixed bid amount, or a variable bid amount based on the temperature in your building and how far it is from your ideal temperature. For example if your Sensibo is set to cooling mode and your ideal temperature is 72 degrees F (22.2 degrees C), you might be willing to pay more if the temp rises to 75 degrees F (23.9 degrees C)

You can use Priicer to control these modes: Heating, Cooling, Fan, Dehumidify


1. Purchase a Sensibo Sky and pair it with your heating or cooling system.

2. Make sure that the Sensibo is controlling your heating or cooling system before continuing.

3. Go here to get your Sensibo API key. Click "ADD API KEY" then copy the key that is generated for you.

4. Go to Priicer: In the upper right hand corner of your screen there is a dropdown menu. Choose “My Settings”. On the left of the "My Settings" page there is a column of options, choose “Sensibo Account”. Paste in your Sensibo key that you copied from the Sensibo API page (do not attempt to write this key by hand). You will then be able to add all of your Sensibo thermostats to your Priicer account.