How to setup Priicer

The Basics

Priicer is designed for electricity customers who are on a real-time or day ahead electricity rate (world map of tariffs). These are rates where the price you pay for electricity changes every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or once per hour, depending on supply and demand. Priicer allows you to automatically control the devices in your home or business based on the real-time price.

Adding a Device

First make sure your device is connected to the internet and is controllable by the manufacturer's app (supported devices). Once you are able to control your device with the manufacturer's app, you can then add it to Priicer. To do this click the "+" button on the main page, choose which device model you want to add, then follow the provided instructions to give Priicer your device security credentials (this allows Priicer to control your device for you based on the price).

Controlling a Device

Click on the device you want to control in the list on the left side of the main page. There you can see information about that particular device, the bid history, the control history, and this ia also where you can control your bids and bid strategy. Depending on the device type, and the nature of the price data for the price plan you are on, you can set up your device to bid either "Fixed", "Variable", or "Cheap Intervals". "Fixed" is just a fixed bid that you manually set (either entered by hand or by adjusting the slider on the chart below). "Variable" is used for things like thermostats or EV charging where your bid changes based on either the temperature or the charge state of the EV battery, respectively. "Cheap Intervals" is designed for day ahead data where you can turn your device on for the x cheapest intervals per day.

Relax 🏝

Once you are all set up, you can kick back and relax. Priicer will monitor the prices and control your devices based on your bids. Priicer is a beta product, so please expect some hiccups along the way. Please let us know in the forum if you are seeing any issues, have any feature requests, or if you have any other feedback. Enjoy!